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I am Marius Greblikas from Lithuania. At daily base, I working in big IT Company as Lead IT Solution architect and after work I am father, husband and freaking endurance adventurer.
I am totally addicted to long distance running at the moment and each year I try to participate in couple big trail mountains ultra-marathons and organize some self-support expedition/adventure here locally in Lithuania or somewhere around the World.
All my adventure I am filming and publishing at the Internet. I believe all my films will helps me to inspire young people to do some impossible to possible journey, challenges or change they life.
Audio book fan and listener.

Personal Achievement’s:

4 time full marathons finisher
78 km, D+ 1500 m, 9:43:23 – Eco Trail de Paris 2014
54 km, D+ 3800 m, D- 3710 m, 11:37:12 – Dolomiti EXTREME Trail 2014
69 km, D+/- 2500 m, 10:30:22 – Barcelona Long Trail (LTBCN 2015)
60 km, D+/D- 4000 m, 12:57:00 – Gran trail Courmayeur 60K
57 km, D+/D- 680 m, 6:13:57 – Trail run around Asveja (TOP-10 ežerų)
50 km, D+.D- 2500 m, 7:26:26 –  Beskidzka 160 Na Raty 2016, Poland

Future plans:

2016 year:

North Face Lavaredo Ultra trail – 119 km with 5890 m of ascent
Ultra Trail Lago d’Orta – 90 km with 5790 m of ascent
Lithuanian Coast challenge (~101 km) – run from Nida till Latvian boarder on sand
Run around Kauno marios (~90 km) biggest artificial lake in Lithuania

Future big plans:

4 Trails – (145 km)
Trans-Alps (270 km)
UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc (160 km)
Hong Kong 100 (100 km)
UTMF – Ultra Trail Mont Fuji (160 km) Japan
Andorra Ultra Trail (

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Latest my adventure in video:

Beskidsky160 50k ultra –
Barcelona Long Trail (LTBCN) 2015 –
Gran Trail Courmayuer 2015 –
Dolomiti Extreme Trail 2014 –

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